A Hobby Farm Just 15 min from Montreal?!

Living on a Hobby Farm is what you’ve dreamt of for years, but you don’t want to be too far away from the city? YES, it is possible!

mariepauleREALTOR - Hobby Farm 1255 Ch de Touraine -Ste-Julie - winter

This beautiful home nestled in the trees is located on a 4.4 acre Hobby Farm in Sainte-Julie.

Unique Hobby Farm – 1255 Chemin de Touraine

This unique property of 4.4 acres (or approximately 193,540 square feet) is just 15 minutes away from Montreal, yet it is located in the charm and tranquility of the countryside. There is a beautiful four bedroom, 3 bathroom, Normandy-style home on the hobby farm. Nestled in the trees and far away from the main road, privacy is guaranteed. It even has its own sugar shack, which can be used as such to produce up to 30 gallons of maple syrup from the farm’s maple grove, or which could also be used to host Tables Champêtres (IE: country tables).

Hobby Farm 1255 Ch de Touraine -Ste-Julie - winter Sugar Shack

The Sugar Shack, located just behind the family home, can accomodate up to 25 seated guests. An old fashioned wood-burning stove in the shack’s dining room is used for cooking and warmth.

mariepauleREALTOR 20190113 1255 Ch de Touraine - cold afternoon in golden sunlight 2 Watermarked

Another view of the house, and sugar shack in the background, taken late on the cold afternoon of January 13, 2019.

The front half of the property, which represents about 2 acres, is presently used for growing organic vegetables, medicinal flowers, and organic fruit trees. In fact, the current owners developed a small market for organic garlic which they sell to local gourmet restaurants and bistros. Up until 2017, they also offered courses on homeopathy and on preparing foods and a varied menu for those favouring a Raw Food diet (in French: “régime crudivore”). Along with this activity, they ran a small Bed & Breakfast for their students. Students who lived quite far from the hobby farm could then stay overnight.

Marie Paule REALTOR Hobby Farm 1255 Ch de Touraine

A view of 2 of the decks of the 3-level patio on the S-W facing side of the main house.

Marie Paule REALTOR Hobby Farm1255 Ch de Touraine

A view from the main road of the private road leading through the front, garden portion of the Hobby Frarm, then through the Maple Grove, and onwards toward the Main House and Sugar Shack.

To see an areal view and many more photos of this Hobby Farm, click here: 1255 Ch. de Touraine.

City of Sainte-Julie

Sainte-Julie is a lovely community very close to the city of Boucherville and Mount-Saint-Bruno on one side. Fifty years ago, it was mostly rural; the city has grown and offers some beautiful housing but there are still many Hobby Farms of varying dimensions. With a population of about 30,000 citizens, the city has pretty much stabilized in terms of growth.

Lac-des-Outardes in Sainte-Julie, by Edmour J Harvey

The Lac-des-Outardes in Sainte-Julie, by Edmour J Harvey.

“The city has managed to protect its natural environment by providing parks in every neighbourhood and by connecting them with 38 km of walking and cycling paths, one of which circles the foot of Mont Saint-Bruno.” (source: The Canadian Encyclopedia).

Suzanne Roy, current Mayor of Sainte-Julie, is greatly implicated in her community. She was recently elected for a 4th term without opposition. This is greatly due to her success and continued endeavours in ensuring the quality of life of her fellow citizens, through, among other things, a strong environmental focus, and creating a child friendly environment with safe roads for pedestrians and cyclists.

Agricultural Zones are Protected in Québec

Along the Western side, closest to Boucherville, there are still a great many small agricultural properties used mostly for organic wheat farming, as well as Hobby Farms offering agrotouristic activities such as horse-back riding and riding lessons and so forth. The nice thing is that for those who enjoy the countryside, these zones are now protected under the Act respecting the preservation of agricultural land and agricultural activities. (source: www.cptaq.gouv.qc.ca).

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