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A 50’s Property Reborn with Unique Character & Style

Thanks to an inspired and determined Construction Engineer with a thing for architecture and interior design, a 50’s property has been reborn with unique character & style following a major transformation. Located in the beautiful city of Candiac, the property was a perfect choice for this renovation project. Whilst the finishing touches are being made prior to listing the property for sale on MLS®, I introduce you to Eric Perreault, the man behind the project, and offer a small introduction to the project as well as to the city of Candiac.

Eric Perreault – Engineer, Entrepreneur

Eric Perreault, an accomplished Construction Engineer, obtained his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Engineering and Construction Management from the École de Technologie Supérieure de Montréal (É.T.S.). He also holds a diploma in architecture.

Eric Perreault, M.Ing.

Eric Perreault, M.Ing.

He has led and been responsible for several major projects during his career. After first joining Signature Brossard Homes in 2011 as Director of Construction, Eric rapidly climbed the ranks to become President in 2014. He directed the design and construction of the “Les Portes de Londres” project, high-end condos whose design is inspired by the golden stone and manors of the Cotswolds, a prosperous region and also one of the most picturesque in the center of England.

In 2015, in conjunction with its main job, Eric decides to embark upon residential renovation. He sets up his own company, and with the help of Marie Paule Lancup, REALTOR®, starts looking for a property in a neighborhood known for its quality of life, shaded tree-lined streets, parks and green spaces – the City of Candiac.

The Property

Following months of searching for the right property, they find “No. 55” in Candiac. Originally built in 1959, the home is located on a beautiful, quiet street, lined with mature trees; the spacious back yard has no direct neighbors and faces a large park.

Une rue de Candiac bordée d'arbres matures

One of Candiac’s tree-lined streets. – Une rue de Candiac bordée d’arbres matures.

For this building, Eric wants to bring out the best of ‘50s architecture whilst integrating some of the hottest design trends of 2016. With the help of his good friend and designer, Olivier-Benoit Lemay, he develops the linear aspects and works with whites and browns to bring out the urban-rustic look.

The Renovation Project

Eric has directed this renovation project with great attention to detail. The inside of the building was largely demolished to leave only the foundation, main floor and some walls of the ground floor, before being renovated. Work began at the end of October 2015 and was completed in March 2016. All the work has been carried out according to current regulations by licensed specialists registered with the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (R.B.Q.).

In any major renovation such as this, the property, which had been owned by the same family since its construction in ’59, reserved a few surprises along the way. To prevent the risk of any issues occurring for future owners, the plumbing and electrical systems have been entirely replaced, including the drain which runs under the concrete of the basement slab. Moreover, several electrical outlets have been added throughout the home – one has to admit that the need for electrical outlets in the ‘50s was not what it is today!

In our age where mobile technology and high-definition television systems have become essential services for most, any new property should be pre-wired, and this is the case for “No. 55”. The house has been pre-wired with fiber optics for telephone and television systems, and also wired for an alarm system. In addition, given the presence of gas in the area, Eric took the opportunity to add an output for the kitchen stove as well as for a BBQ on the new back patio.

The layout has been completely redesigned to cater to today’s tastes and needs. For example, the new open-concept kitchen, with its stunning, oiled acacia-topped peninsula and generous black granite counters, offers an ideal space for preparing memorable meals.

The new open-concept kitchen area

The new open-concept kitchen, with its stunning, oiled acacia-topped peninsula and generous black granite counters.

The basement was completely gutted and the insulation redone according to the latest regulations of the “Loi sur l’économie d’énergie” (the Québec Energy Saving Act).

In addition, the interior of the house benefits from a beautiful luminosity throughout the day thanks to the new open-concept design, ample fenestration, and Southeast orientation.

Result: A Unique Property with Character & Style!

Eric always promotes high-quality materials and finishes: the use of wood, noble materials, and recycling of materials are all priorities. The entire layout has been revised to create larger, open spaces, and allow a maximum of light throughout the day. The objective: harmonizing the best the best of ‘50s architecture with some of the hottest design trends to create a bright, warm, cozy houseThe result: A Unique Property with Character and Style!

a Unique House of Character and Style!

“No. 55” – a Unique House of Character and Style!

“No. 55” will soon be on the market and be ready to visit shortly, so do not miss not my next Blog article. Rendez-vous in a week!

Candiac: A City in Transformation

This beautiful city which celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2007 is situated on the South Shore of Montreal. 

For some years now, the sociodemographic profile has begun to change in the oldest parts of Candiac. A large number of these properties were still inhabited by the original owners who had purchased the homes, including the property referred to as “No. 55“.  Many of these people retired several years ago, and many have sold or are selling their homes.

Candiac being one of the cities most popular for its quality of life, it has also been one of the most sought-after cities in which to own a home and live in on the South Shore. Over the past years, many homes in Candiac have been purchased by young professional couples with small children or looking to have a family.

Adding to the allure of the city, “Le Square Candiac”, an innovative urban development and intergenerational project, will constitute a new and important island of freshness at the entrance to the city. ”Located directly opposite Candiac’s City Hall and approximately ten minutes’ walk from the magnificent André-J. Cultural Park which lines the shores of the St. Lawrence River, this all-new POD (Pedestrian Oriented Development) will be one of the most modern concepts in Quebec.” (Read the article in full here – en français )

To learn more about “No. 55“, contact me, Marie Paule Lancup, on (514) 243-1646, or write to me below:


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