Rembourser son hypothèque ou épargner plus pour sa retraite.

Managing Your Mortgage and Retirement Savings

Reduce My Mortgage Rapidly or Save More for Retirement?

When it comes to financial decisions, it can be hard to choose the best option. More specifically, what should we choose to do if it’s impossible for us to do both: Save more for our retirement or pay off our mortgage more rapidly?

Here’s a look at what several financial specialists advise. But first, it’s useful to  take a quick peak at current household debt in our country.

“According to the latest figures published by Statistics Canada, total household debt (mortgages, consumer credit, and other loans) has grown to reach 162,6 % of total available revenue, of which the major part is constituted of mortgage debt.” (Source:, par Morningstar, Publié le 16/01/2015)

This answer highlights the fact that for many Canadians, it may be difficult to do both.

So What’s the Best Option In This Situation?

The answer to this question, according to the accomplished financial reporter, Jonathan Chevreau, who manages, really depends on several things, namely:

  • The mortgage amount ;
  • The mortgage interest rate ;
  • The age of the person concerned ; and
  • The stage in life at which you are at.


Cynthia Kett, Director of consultancy firm Stewart & Kett Financial Advisors in Toronto, adds that you must not forget the rate at which you pay income tax. For example, if you are in the 50% income tax bracket, a mortgage at 2.5% interest is equivalent to a mortgage interest rate of 5% before income tax, since for each dollar you earn you pay one in income tax. In other words, as Mrs Kett rightly says, “Paying back your mortgage has the same effect as if you had a guaranteed return at a rate equal to the actual mortgage interest rate. And where else can you obtain the same rate of return without risk?”

It would seem, in fact, that if they cannot both save for their retirement and pay off their mortgage debt, then most Canadians choose the latter, according to Statistics Canada. Statistics Canada bases this on the Canadian population’s unutilized rights to pay into a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP). But, clearly, there are other ways of saving for your retirement. However, they do estimate that “by 2018, this amount should be greater than 1 billion $”, which is far from negligible.

Paying off your mortgage vs saving for retirement.

The less you owe on your mortgage (a liability), the greater the value of your home (an asset).

Kevin O’Leary, author and on-air contributor for CTV, also believes that paying off your mortgage is the best thing you can do besides eliminating your debts. In fact, he believes it’s one of the most important steps to getting richer. (Source: Financial Post: What to do with your savings: Pay off your mortgage or diversify your investments)

Other factors, of course, may come into play. If you can read French (you can use Google translate or other online translators to help you), I also suggest reading the article by Morningstar on, published on 16/01/2015, for additional information.


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